Publications in refereed journals

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Replication material

Payment defaults and interfirm liquidity provision, with R. Gropp
Review of Finance, vol 17, no 1 (January 2013): 1853-1894

Institutional publications

Labour markets and inflation in the wake of the pandemic, with E. Kohlscheen, R. Moessner, and D. Rees
BIS Bulletin, October 2021

Tools for managing banking distress: historical experience and lessons for today, with S. Claessens, and A. Villegas
BIS Quarterly Review, December 2020

Trade credit, trade finance, and the Covid-19 crisis, with N. Patel and H-S. Shin
BIS Bulletin, June 2020

Dealing with Covid-19: understanding the policy choices, with D. Rees and P. Rungcharoenkitkul
BIS Bulletin, May 2020

Macroeconomic effects of Covid-19: an early review, with P. Rungcharoenkitkul
BIS Bulletin, April 2020

Impact of financial regulations: insights from an online repository of studies, with C. Cantu, S. Claessens, and A. Villegas
BIS Quarterly Review, March 2019

Publications in books

Big techs in finance: on the new nexus between data privacy and competition, with T. Ehlers, L. Gambacorta and H-S. Shin in Palgrave Handbook of Technological Finance, June 2021. BIS Working Paper version.

Is lending in Central and Eastern Europe developing too fast?, with O. Calvo-Gonzales, T. Kozluk, in Financial development, integration, and stability, edited by K. Liebscher, J. Christl, P. Mooslechner, D. Ritzberger-Grünwald, November 2006